Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Reflections

"This life I have but once to live
 These days and years are my great Treasure
 I'll give to life all that I am
 And ask from her in equal measure."
                                   -Sami Sunchild 1953

Reading Sami's letters as Winter Solstice approaches, brings forth in Helene and I a deep sense of our own mortality. "How am I living my life?" we asked ourselves.

Our ancestors developed systems of reflection through their songs, their culture, their expressions of poetry and valued their time of reflections whether it was near a stream, under a tree or when the seasons were changing. Sami incorporated time of reflections and found creative outlets to express her journey.

When our lives are filled with doing verses receiving how much are we robbing ourselves from actual living?

We are discovering Sami's inheritance of creative expression through the poetry her mother created and the unconditional love from her father. Both her parents supported and encouraged their daughter to blossom in the areas where she found joy and comfort.

Helene and I find ourselves reflecting on our own lives and on our own intimate relationships with our beloved family and cherished friends. Pondering on our own personal experiences, we converse on how each experience has become a colorful addition to the fabric of our own existence.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Giving a Voice to Letters Written Long Ago

To My Valentine
"'I love you, Verne,' I told you long ago,
But now I say, 'I love you twice as well';
I did not know the whole of you, but oh,
I fell under the rapture of your spell.
...So now, again I say, 'I love you Verne', and now I love the you I truly know
For in my husbands life I now discern, The kind of man I hoped for long ago."
-Mrs. Verne Samuelson

As we continue our quest of getting to know Sami one box of archives at a time, we've come to open a true box of treasure. Full to the brim of heartfelt letters to and from Sami, we unravel a time line of friendships, love and self reflection.

One letter resonated so strongly to Heidi and I we had to share it for all to see. The above is only an excerpt of the beautiful expression of love Sami's mother had for her husband. Her poem depicts the patience, tenacity and climb we all take in the name of Love.

After gushing over Mrs. Samuelson's sweet words of love, a question arose in Heidi and I, "Are our present day relationships more disposable now than ever?"

Reading these letters aloud to one another, brings the memories and emotions from the past alive once more; leaving Heidi and I in front of an ocean of purpose and directions in leading the legacy to its pinnacle.

Thank you for continuously reading our words and please share with us any words or letters of your own that are near and dear to your heart, we would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Thrills of Leading A Legacy part 2

"Life is not about how many breaths you take, but about how many moments take your breath away."

Today, with the influences of digitization, our moments and life experiences are generally stored onto a computer or computer platform. For a couple of weeks now, Heidi and I have been given the gift of going through Sami Sunchild's personal time capsule. It really does take your breath away when you are holding a letter or diary entry that was written sixty to seventy years ago. The smell of old photographs and the texture of the pen engraved lettering between your fingertips, brings young Sami's experiences to life.

Sami left no stone unturned when it came to documenting her adventures and life's work. With all of her copies, all dated and labeled with location and people involved, she made it quite easy for us to catalog her life's path in hopes to create a representation for the path less traveled.
Her unique perspective on community and conversation has left Heidi and I with an enriched pallet of inspiration. We find ourselves talking and reflecting on Sami's stories, her adventures, her complexities and her ingredients of a good conversation.                                                                                                                                                                         With much love and care we are sharing a few of her candid moments.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Conversations of a Lifetime

With the thirst quenching weather we've been having, last week has been one of reflection. It is
such a rewarding job to be able to see history through the eyes of another. Much is to be said, for
the appreciation of writing and documenting that which Sami has left behind, a treasure chest full
of memories and lessons learned.

Our vibrant and colorful Sami Sunchild, in her art studio, is wearing a South Pacific house dress designed for comfort and coolness. She spent several months in Fiji and Tonga and loved sharing her adventures overseas. We had such a beautiful week organizing, reading, and revealing the next chapter to this adventure packed novel!

Thanks Giving is here! Does anyone have any special plans or events going on for Thanks Giving that they can share with us? Time has come again to join hands with our families, break bread with our friends and feast with our community. Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for our next blog.

Thank You for Being You!

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy;
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom"
-Marcel Proust

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks to the bountiful harvest our Mother Earth has 
provided unconditionally. We celebrate by preparing and sharing a delightful feast 
with our community members. This year,  may we take a moment and give a big 
appreciation to those who add to our happiness and well being. By recognizing those special individuals in our lives, we ignite warmth and 
compassion to the rest of the world.  Appreciation and love are powerful forces.

On this day I give thanks to my family and friends as well as my community. Nothing 
is more satisfying than getting to know yourself with the support and help of all your 
loved ones.

Someone who resonates at such a high frequency in my life is Heidi M, and I would very much like to appreciate all that she has done to support me in my efforts. She is a reminder that authentic listening goes a long way when the road gets rough.
I would also like to give thanks to Hayden S, for the endless amounts of love and happiness he gives me, I feel so lucky to have found someone like you to share my moments with. 
Lastly, my pet Gypsy, although you are an animal you bring me so much light and warmth, when your warm wet nose  nuzzle my face the world just melts away and I feel loved.

On average, how often do we appreciate the people we have and the places we've
been? It's a wholesome feeling to have and share with people who mean the most to 
us; to come together even just once a year and treasure the moments we share with 
one another.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Thrills of Leading a Legacy

Time flies when your work is your passion. This year we set our beloved Red Victorian on a new path of destiny, and into a world of blossoming opportunities. With this new transition grew a new exciting journey for Sami Sunchild's, Peaceful World Foundation. Creatively and diligently, Heidi and I, Helene, commenced our fresh start with lots of organizing and planning in mind. We used local caf├ęs, gracious enough to allow us to use their space to work on our blooming project. 

Each day of work passing with an engraved feeling of gratitude to our founder Sami Sunchild for this sizable gift she has presented us with. It has inspired us to invest a lot of time towards a proper representation of her purpose as well as keeping the foundation updated and appealing to a vast variety of social groups and movements, including many which she personally supported.

After searching the city's available retail and office spaces, we fell in love with one place in particular, located in the naturally and culturally historic, Presidio. 

A gem in the heart of San Francisco history, we got the keys to a quaint renovated office space, previously used as a Military Surgeon Residence. Located in a hub of creative and innovative culture, we are overwhelmed with excitement to start our quest of bringing positive change to this world.

Filling up our space wasn't hard and didn't take too long either. With a lot of assembling and cataloging ahead of us we slowly delve into the set up of our new office.

Follow us on our adventure as it grows with more purpose and more global reach.

A Week Full of Excitement for Peaceful World

What a busy week we've been having! Our recent overflow of organizing and planning has paid off, as the world has graced us with such beautiful representations of restoring arts, peace and harmony into our bright sunny community.

•Culture and Heritage Appreciation Day

Culture and heritage appreciation day at the Community Arts School in Oakland serving the academic and artistic needs of youth in low income neighborhoods. Newly acclaimed artist and musician Ernesto Olmos held a hands on presentation of traditional Oaxacan music. Children gathered round in flocks of musical excitement and curiosity.

•Restorative Peace Justice

Peaceful World Foundation was invited to attend a Restorative Peace Justice healing ceremony in Half Moon Bay. Community members gave heartfelt testimonies on how the process helped them and their families heal and find peace with the unjust death of an adolescent community member. An emotional demonstration of how healing the wounds of one can lead to healing the wounds of a community.

• Figment 2014: Outdoor Art Fest in Mosswood Park 

Saturday morning we joined a colorful crowd of artists at Mosswood park in Oakland encouraging people of all ages to engage in music, handicrafts, and painting. As listed on, 
"Figment is a free participatory arts event held in multiple cities... An all ages event bringing together the community and inspiring the creation and celebration of art and culture..." 

Feel free to share any of your special events or moments with us on our blog or As Sami would preach, "Let peace begin with me and spread out from this place."