Saturday, June 7, 2014

Experience San Francisco

June 7, 2014

San Francisco is a stable travel destination for many people.  It is a city full of beautiful history.  A city built with the dreams of art and culture.  Its inhabitants come here seeking a sense of belonging.  This city has a community that strives for a better world. 

Here at The Red Victorian we invite all the worlds travelers to come visit us, to come see what we see about our great city.  We encourage our guests to sit down with us at our conversation tables and tell us of their San Francisco adventures.  Our goal is to inspire visitors to experience the city how we see it, to eat at our local restaurants and hang out with the folks at Dolores Park on a sunny day.  Ride the well known 38-Geary bus to Land's End and feel the cold fog engulf you in another world as you try and see bits of the Golden Gate Bridge without hoards of photo opts.  Spend your day seeking fun and free events that create the community that our city has to offer, the many street fairs that bring out the wackiest of people that we all love.  There are the nudist men strutting their stuff, and Rainbow Man in all of is sparkly glory.  

Our city of San Francisco is a place we want to experience for what it really is.  Eat your weight in burritos and walk it all off with the rolling hills.  Spend the day pretending it is warm.  Talk to the people around you.  Stay with us here at The Red Victorian, and see what San Francisco is all about, we're guaranteed you'll love it.   

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lessons from Traveling

May 31, 2014

The Red Victorian is a place in which many travelers can call a home away from home.  We encourage our guests to sit down with one another for a conversation with us and other travelers.  Today's topic focused on the traveler and the lessons we learn when traveling.  

The group expressed that traveling is traveling no matter how far and you can often learn so much by just taking a walk through your own town.  We sometimes forget what it is like to be inexperienced in with your surroundings.  It is important to remember how useful learning a few phrases of another language can be.  When you apply an effort to engage in someones culture there becomes a feeling of open interaction.  Our perception of the world changes when we travel, we often see how "rich" we actually are.  As a traveler you are vulnerable to new experiences, and this vulnerability should not be something to fear.  You must open yourself to what the world has to offer.  These experiences shape and mold you into someone different than when you set out on your journey.  

Some of the worlds travelers.

When you travel you are able to see the world through sensitive eyes and open heart.  We appreciate the traveler for all that know and all that they have experienced.  These experiences help to build a world of peace and unity.  The more we know about each other the more we can help one another. The more we speak and converse, society will begin to construct itself for the better.   The traveler is someone who has the power to change the world. It all begins with you. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Our Value to Our Planet

We continue to honor Sami with the Peaceful World's Foundation morning conversations.  We continue to use topics that Sami had come up with in a mission to get people talking about important issues.  This weeks topic was, 

"Are human beings of value to the planet?"

-Sami Sunchild               


As we look at how neglected our planet has become it is easy to argue that as human beings we are doing more harm than good.  With the hole in our Ozone and the devastating effects of deforestation, greed has overtaken our society.  We take more from our plant than we give back, polluting our bodies with unnatural extremities.  How can we be of value to a planet that we only see as cash crop?
We discussed that in order for us to be of value to the planet we must value ourselves.  We have an obligation that we must respect in order to keep out planet sustainable.  When we respect ourselves we are able contribute our energies in positive ways.  Protecting our planet is important, she provides us with life.  It was brought up that we are as much value to the planet as we value ourselves.  By respecting the land that has been given to us we can be better as a whole.   This earth has been providing everything we have ever needed, as the years go by we have forgotten where we have come from. We are all beings of exponentiation worth.  We have the ability to be the change that this world deserves.  Change beings with you.  Change begins with a conversation.  Change begins with us coming together.
Join us Saturday mornings at The Red Victorian to join the movement to better the world, one conversation at a time. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Experiencing a Great Change in Yourself

May 17, 2014

Having found a journal of Sami's full of her ideas of conversation topics we use another one of her's today.  This weeks topic was, 

"Times in your life you experienced a great change in yourself?"

We were joined by Steve visiting from Seattle for his son's graduation from USF and Jessie a San Francisco native.  

Steve spoke about how after he himself had graduated from college he accepted a job in Kuwait in the early 90s. He was there when Iraq invaded the country, he remembers this as a time when he felt he really needed to grow up.  He felt a new maturity in himself with a real world event happening all around him, he remembers seeing the tanks drive down the streets and the ever presence of war.  Steve recalls this time in his life so easily, he saw it a moment to grow up and see how the world is but also in ways of how he can change it.  War for some people is a normal everyday thing that they must accept, we as a society have the obligation to put an end to war.  

Jessie shared with the group how little we may no about people and what they are going through before speaking with them.  We often look at our own lives and only see our own suffering until we speak with someone else and learn that are going through something similar.  Speaking with others changes the being inside of us.  We are moved by one another, by conversing change can happen.  It may start out small, but as Sami Sunchild said, "Peace begins with YOU!" 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Authentic Conversations

May 10, 2014

First off The Red Victorian would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day! As we pay tribute to the mother of the Red Victorian we use a topic of her's at this weeks breakfast conversation.

"How can we have authentic conversations in our lives?"
                                                                -Sami Sunchild

We all agreed that Sami's Ingredients of a Good Conversation are a great start. 

Differences- New Points of View 
Similarities- Shared Feelings, Experiences 
Speaking- From my life experience, not theory
Listening- Really Listening
Understanding- Empathy, not persuasion
Brevity- Keep it short and to the point

We were joined by Mario and his friends from the mediation center; Frida, Roger, and Mary. As well as Dave who is on the board of the foundation, it is always a pleasure to have him here with us. Roger said, that a conversation is "like a campfire, we all have to put in a log."  This proves that like a fire for it to offer substance we all need to put something in and that every ones input is useful.  Frida expressed that when a conversation is really authentic its almost as you are becoming one, there is a deep connection between those who are involved.  Dave spoke about a new program in schools in the Bay Area teaching the youth about mindfulness.  They instruct the students on what it means to be mindful rather than to simply react to every thing.  These programs important in teaching the youth about communication between one another with out the use of facebook or texting.  We also discussed how a conversation does not always need to be speaking, but it can be physical, emotional, and even spiritual.  There are so many ways in which we can reach one another in meaningful and beautiful way.  We invite everyone to seek authentic conversations in all aspects of their life. Sit down with your partner or friends, leave the phone in your pocket.  Embrace the awkward silence, the moment when you don't what to say.  Experience that moment, take it in and listen.  The conversation is still happening even when you aren't saying anything, focus on yourself and the other person.  You'll be amazed in what you experience.  

Please be sure to join us every Saturday morning for an authentic conversation here at The Red Victorian. 
Peace begins with a conversation, conversation begins with us! 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Meeting All Of You

May 4, 2014

The greatest thing about getting to host the Saturday morning Peaceful World Conversations is getting to meet all of you who come to visit us.  It is always such a great pleasure to sit down with each of you and chat. Everyone that comes to visit us has such a unique and beautiful story that we are so happy you chose to share with us.  

This week we got to sit down with Ms. Molly visiting us from San Diego. She spoke about her views on education first about her children and grandchildren then about herself.  While attending Northwestern she joined the SDS, or Students for a Democratic Society helping to generate anit-war campaigns on campus.  She had a great passion for writing and dreamed of becoming a sports journalist, it was the 70s and women were not sports journalists.  She said, "I was not brave enough to open the door and be the first."  You may think she was somewhat weak, but it was quite the opposite.  She is strong and inspiring, she did what she loved and continue to do so.  She visits San Francisco once a year, and then to Santa Rosa to visit the birthplace of the Peanuts cartoons.  She is a women full of life and wisdom.  She is someone to look up to.  The Red Victorian was happy to sit down and have such a lovely conversation with such a beautiful woman. 

Each week your stories fill up The Red Victorian and inspire us to continue our work towards a more peaceful world.  We speak on a array of topics including education, health, technology, and all things life.  The incite we get from everyone helps to propel our world in the right direction.  Please join us every Saturday morning at the round conversation tables for a chat with us and all the guests that grace The Red Victorian. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

3 Weeks of Conversations!

April 5-19, 2014

Haight Street is getting busier and busier everyday as we move into high season.  There is a new energy that comes with spring and we are welcoming it with open arms here at The Red Victorian.  In the last weeks we have covered a variety of topics.  

We spoke about the dawn of spring and the things that come with spring.  It is a time for a new start, the flowers bloom and we remember to stop and smell the flowers.  We accept that spring is a time of change, a change in the positive direction.  Which brings us to last weeks topic of rejection and how we cope.  So often rejection is looked at in a negative light, which is understandable.  The initial sting of rejection hurts, you feel down for not being wanted but to dwell too long can be unhealthy.  At the tables we were reminded how a rejection can lead to better things, it should be looked at a way for a new beginning.  A sense of freedom is involved, there becomes room for improvement with time to reflect on ways to make yourself stronger a better. It can be a slap in the face that awakens us to strive and do better within yourself and for others.  Rejection is a very real moment in life, it disappoints us but also humbles us.  Like in spring, bursts of new life ignite the earth and we feel new a fresh.  It is a time to clear ones mind and focus on the things that are important to us.  Our happiness, our success, and our well being.  We are given time on this earth to do the things we love and do them well.