Monday, February 27, 2012

Peaceful World Breakfast Convo 2.26.12

            This weekend at The Red Vic was full of new faces, and new friendships being formed.  Conversations of peace filled the air, and communication was alive.  The topic for the breakfast conversation on Sunday was something that was on your mind, going on in your life, or a story you'd like to share.  
             Sami said she wants to make sure the Red Vic Peace Center will stay alive and continue growing after she passes.  Orna from London told Sami, "You have been giving and giving your whole life, it is time for you to accept what is offered to you in life.  Accept the kindness and peace that comes your way."  A beautiful message I think  everyone should apply themselves to.  Orna is an author who writes mainly with themes of freedom; she is launching her new book here at the Red Vic March 13 at 6:30 pm!
             Nancy was here from San Diego visiting her boyfriend.  She is so in love and can't wait to have a family and raise peaceful children :)  Anthony from Vallejo has a job coming up where he will be sailing to Haiti and drop off supplies to people in need.
             Henrique was here for the 3rd Sunday in a row! He brought his Mom, Lourdes, who is visiting San Francisco for her 1st time from Brazil. Henrique is worried about teaching biology when he gets back to Brazil.  It is a new adventure for him that he wouldn't be faced with if he couldn't handle it.  It was a treat to see him and Lourdes communicate as son and Mother.
              Pamela is working here at the Red Vic, spending her time making it a better place. Her humble self could hardly take credit for all she does, saying "Red Vic wouldn't be what it is without all the awesome staff here!
               It was an awesome conversation and we'll be here same time next week for everyone that wants to join!
              My past weekend here at The Red Vic was spent talking with all sorts of colorful people from all over the world about Peace!  I ended the day Sunday with a conversation that included about 10 young, lively spirits who all came together to get to know each other at the round table.  Oscar and a few of his friends were from the Central Valley, Shaima is from France, a French Canadian girl (who hitchhiked here and arrived the SF 30 minutes prior), and two other lovely ladies are who popped in to the group conversation.  The new friends were so excited to be at the Peace Center and they had so much to say about peace in the world.  I left them with a cinnamon roll hug and they conversation clearly continued as I saw them as I passed by on the bus.
               Come celebrate the Peace Movement here at the Red Vic anytime; We want to know what you are doing for Peace in the world!

-Danielle Barnett, Tour Guide and Host

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