Monday, April 9, 2012

Are We Where We Are Meant to Be?

        The topic for our Peaceful World Breakfast Conversation this weekend was "Do you feel you belong in this time period rather than the past or the future?  Also, what gift do you give to the world?
        The round table was filled with fresh, new faces from all around the world.
Jaira from Minnesota is happy to be alive now.  He feels we are all where we are meant to be.  He is glad to be a part of the New Age thinking that's going on throughout the world right now, especially in his current study of energy work, massage and sound healing.  Fifty or a hundred years ago, concepts of using alternative healing weren't available, so Jaira knows he is where he is meant to be.

James and Linda were visiting us from Modesto, Ca.  They both graduated high school in '67, the Summer of Love, expressing amusement, that Terry, 29, and myself, 21, thought it would've been cool to live then. The commercialization of the 60's was depressing to them.  Linda and Jame's gift is care, with a priority on their family.  Linda's mom is going into surgery next weekend, and she will be right by her side.  Jame's coaches his grandchildren's sports events. both said they also care for their handful of grandkids back home.

Dru from Australia, works in a coal mine.  He said he knows it's not the most peaceful job but it pays his bills.  He is planning to start his own business, and plans to help his niece by hiring her.
Terry from Hastings, England, was at the RedVic this weekend for his fourth visit!  He loves it so much here.  He tries to be good to people everywhere he goes.  He said it would've been pretty cool to live in the sixties, but is happy where he's at now.
Sami Sunchild said she is happy to be here now.  When she was a child she had to have an operation that without she would have died.  The gift she gives is sharing this peace center with the whole world.  She is happy to be living in 2012.  
Laurie Marshall from Novato, said she is lucky to be here now also.  When she was younger she had a knee injury that would've disabled her for life without surgery, which thankfully was available to her.  She works with disadvantaged kids, making collaborative murals and encouraging perseverance, community, and positivity!
Pamela said when she was younger she wanted to be a contractor, which at the time was "only a mans job."  She had to work so hard to follow her dreams, but she succeeded.  She wouldn't be who she is or where she is today without the obstacles she was faced with.  She is happy to be here in 2012.
I am happy to be here today, although growing up I always thought how cool it would've been to be in the sixties and be a hippie flowerchild!  My new realization is that, I am a hippie flowerchild, and we all can be if that's what we want.  With 2012 comes a lot of environmental issues, but classes to go along with them.  I am learning so much everyday about this world, and finding a deep passion within myself for this planet and these people.  If I lived fifty or a hundred years ago, I may never have had these thoughts.  I am becoming friends with this whole world one day at a time.

So do you feel like you belong here in 2012?  Were you born in the time period that gives you the most opportunities?  What are you doing with those opportunities?  And what gifts are you giving to the world?  Post on our blog and let us know!

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Peace and Love,
Danielle Barnett, Peace Guide

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