Monday, April 16, 2012

Are You an Evolutionary Person?

           Evolutionary person, someone who takes risks rather than staying in a stagnant place, is not afraid to step outside the box, takes on a lot of responsibility, has a spiritual side.  At the RedVic we ask people week after week to sign our archive books if they think they are an evolutionary person.  Our topic for the breakfast conversation today was, do you think you are an evolutionary person, what are your thoughts on the topic?
           Our table was full, with bright faces eager to participate.
           Henry and Jill from Ontario were very intrigued by this question, Jill giggled and said "This is me, but I don't like a lot of responsibility."  Henry shared that he thinks life is ALL about risks,  "What's the point of being here without taking risks,  life would be so boring without risks".
           Pam from San Diego shared that in her life she has taken many risks.  "I had to take risks to make my life happen, I wouldn't be where I am if not for risks."
          Laurie, visiting with her family from Los Banos, Ca, said this conversation was SUCH  a big coincidence for her.  She is a sixth grade teacher and she has been so concerned with the kids and where their future is headed.  "The town is poverty stricken and the kids don't want to be here, I want them to see there's a better life outside this."  Another Laurie at the conversation works with kids on art projects that bring people together, she shared a book with Laurie.
           Sami said she is an evolutionary person.  "We are changing every day."
           Adrienne from S.F., was back to finish an article he is writing on the Red Vic.  He is an evolutionary person, "I write articles on controversial issues going on right now.  A recycling center off Haight St. is possibly being shut down to be made into another shop.  This would be hard for people who make their living off the center."
           We were also joined by Jop and Jill from England, and a couple from Germany.      
           I feel I am an evolutionary person.  How can we live in a world today without risks and change.  Change is the only thing we can count on.  If we keep doing things the same way we will always find the same solutions; stagnation, bleh.
           The Joyous Dance was fun on Friday, although we were missing Pauline who typically leads us.  Laurie and I were joined by Ruth and her two friends from Germany, Henry and Jill (they were at the conversation too!), Daniel, Nicholas a.k.a. P.Love, and Kate even popped in a few times.  We were getting our groove on to some oldies funk.

           We had an Earth Day Pre-Party Saturday evening.  Speakers, poetry, music, yummy foods, and more fun all revolving around sustainability and a more peaceful world.  It was a great event, I can't wait for Earth Day next Sunday.  What will you do to celebrate?  Plant a tree, visit the ocean, pick up some trash? I'd love to hear your ideas!

            Sundays Meditation was a powerful experience.  Jill and Henry joined Paul, Kate and I for an hour of silence, deep breathing and some chanting.  We all ended with a dreamy cloud hanging around us.  As we were all leaving for the night Jill and Henry ran into a friend they haven't seen in years, another guest staying at the B&B!  This world is filled with connections..

             The way I see it, we are all connected.  What happens to you affects me and vice versa.  If you are hurting, so am I.  We all have the power make it a more peaceful, positive world every day.  Those random acts of kindness make a huge impact, even just that smile.  Come share it with us at the Red Victorian :)

Fridays       Joyous Dance       6-7pm
Sundays     PeaceJam Improv 5-7pm
                   Meditation            7-8pm
PeAcE and lOvE,
Danielle Barnett, Peace Guide

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