Sunday, December 1, 2013

What are you thankful for?

Nov. 30, 2013

                Thanksgiving is the time of year here in America in which we celebrate all the things that we are thankful for in our lives.  It’s a tradition that brings families together for an evening of feasting and appreciating all that we are so fortunate to have.  Our topic was,
“What are you thankful for?”
                Sophie, from Canada is thankful for her health which has allowed her to come on her trip here to the United States for the first time with her husband John.  John told us how thankful he is for the love that he receives from Sophie.  All he has wanted was to love and be loved, which is something to truly be thankful for. 

                Mathew and Susan are thankful for their family.  They had the opportunity to come and visit their daughter here in the city.  Susan mentioned how blessed she is to be surround by her loved ones.  Family should be something we highly cherish, and be grateful to have them to enrich our lives.
                Kirsten from Palo Alto comes to visit us every Thanksgiving to be near her sister.  Her and her husband are thankful to have their children and are fortunate enough to travel.  Susan is thankful that she lives in a country that allows free speech.

                Here at The Red Victorian we are thankful for our guests that fill our rooms daily.  We are grateful to host these Peaceful World Conversations in order to spark communication between one another and helping to generate to a more peaceful and loving world.  We believe that each day is one to cherish and remind ourselves how fortunate we are to have the love of family and friends.  To be able to wake up each day with the bright shining world lay out before us simply asking that we make it a better place. 


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