Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Message to Ourselves!

Jan. 11, 2014

With the new year off to a great start many of us have kept true to our resolutions and some of may have not. It is always good to take a moment and reflect on ones self.  We were inspired by one of Sami's posters titled "Message to Myself."  At the conversation tables this morning we each wrote a message to ourselves for the new year.  Our words reflected the people who we are and more so who we want to grow into.  Many of us wrote about how we need to work on us as an individual before others.  With self growth we blossom and mature into the people we believe we can be to ever change the world around us.  We need to be selfish in a sense and take moments to be able to solely be one with our inner being. Our messages to will be reminders of the great people we are,  our words carry encouragement from the deep interior of our quintessence. 

This year we should all be striving to better who we are, express love and happiness to those who surround us.  The Red Victorian and The Peaceful World Foundation support all those striving to find inner peace and spread the movement to all aspects of your life.  We invite you to join us Saturday mornings for a conversation and see what you can learn about yourself! 


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