Peaceful World Conversations

Let's face it. We are living and developing our spiritual selves in a world that would be totally unrecognizable to the great enlightened luminaries of ancient times.  

Before Buddha awakened under the Bodhi Tree, he wasn’t dealing with 24/7 bad news, spam, computer viruses, voicemail, insurance claims, credit ratings, childcare, coordinating busy schedules, or other such things.

Sure, in so many important ways human life has improved tremendously, and yet in other respects we face challenges to our serenity and happiness that could scarcely have been dreamed of three thousand years ago. Let's talk together about how we can develop our spiritual contributing selves in the world we live in today.  Join us in a Peaceful World Conversation!

Peaceful World Conversations began in San Francisco by social entrepreneur Sami Sunchild. She began hosting World Conversations in the '90s for guests at the Red Victorian, her historic Haight-Ashbury bed & breakfast.  Conversations focus on discovering our human similarities and differences, personal experiences in our lives, our travels, perhaps what we learned from them, and want to share with others. The host introduces simple guidelines so all can participate.  

"World Conversations are a potent answer 
to the world's need for increased 
dialogue among strangers"

Who can be a Member?   Who benefits?
     If you personally are working or dreaming in any way about a Peaceful World, you can join people in conversations in your own home town, or in cities and villages throughout the world.  Conversations associated with social change are held at vibrant cafes, hostels, markets, internet cafes and other places operated by the world’s emerging and established social entrepreneurs.  Please patronize them and bring friends to them and to your own social change project; we will show you how to become a host of Peaceful World Conversations in your locale.
How do Peaceful World Conversations work?
     The Global Vision is a network of Peaceful World Conversations happening in the gateway cities of the world and hosted by individuals and peace organizations at local hospitality locations: vibrant cafes, hostels, markets, internet cafes, etc. These conversations benefit and popularize the enterprises of their hosts who are deserving of help.  

Who are the beneficiaries?
      We aim to help fellow social entrepreneurs, micro-loan recipients and non-profit leaders avoid the trap of ongoing dependency on donations by becoming self sustaining through their own earned income by marketing their locally pertinent arts, goods and hospitality services such as food, drink, lodging, internet. 
      We are an ongoing community resource for organizations promoting world peace.

Come to One - Start One! is the motto for our weekly hosted world conversations at the Red Vic. Welcome travelers and neighbors in San Francisco and everywhere in the world. Let's gather around a table and talk. Meet each other and new friends. A chosen topic of importance. Our Family is your host.
Conversations are held every Saturday morning at 9am at the Red Vic Peace Center and B&B on Haight. 

Peaceful World Conversations Video

Ingredients we look for in a Good Conversation:
   ○  Differences - New Points of View
   ○  Similarities - Shared Feelings, Experiences
   ○  Speaking - From Life Experience, Not Theory
   ○  Listening - Really Listening
   ○  Understanding - Empathy, Not Persuasion
   ○  Brevity - Keep it Short and to the Point 

  • Our Mission is to be a powerful presence for good in the world.
  • Our Belief is that each of us has a Vision with a calling and a purpose to fulfill and we believe that, through excellent communication and collaborative team service, manifestation of that Vision becomes more possible.
  • Our Structure is comprised of a Peace Center based in San Francisco interfacing with face-to-face Conversation Circles all over the world.
  • Our Purpose is to inspire each other and our visitors to live legendary lives of joy and service.
  • Our Focus is the gathering of our  collective wisdom to be shared through Conversation Circles in which we all participate
  • Our Intention is to bring education, creativity, and our sacred wisdom to those in need of information, healing,  and transformation.
  • Our Goal is to have millions of people all over the world inspiring each other with the actionos they are manifesting in behalf of peace in the world.
  • Each of us is a Visionary with a calling and a purpose to fulfill – turning our lives into legendary contributions.  Peaceful World offers the opportunity to answer that call in the company of others involved in this extraordinary work throughout the world.

"As part of a movement to restore the lost art of conversation, Peaceful World Conversations bring people together to talk about topics that matter in their own lives and in the world as a whole."
Sami Sunchild, Conversation Space